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The Mastertech Nursery Classic

Anything and everything about bowls in the Stockport area.

The Mastertech Nursery Classic

Postby themobbster » Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:16 am

Round 1
S.Waring 21
D.Scarth 20

T Gatley 12
M.Gant 21

Matt Hill abs
J Guess 21

C.Wraight 17
P.Clapham 21

P Williams 21
D.Morrison 20

D.Durham 16
A Daykin 21

L.Guess 20
J Gatley 21

N.Burrows 21
S Sutton 19

Round 2
S.Waring 10
M.Gant 21

J Guess 21
P.Clapham 9

P Williams 21
A Daykin 16

J Gatley 21
N.Burrows 19

Round 3
M.Gant 20
J Guess 21

P Williams 21
J Gatley 20
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